Dec 262012

Any list obviously reflects the interests of the compiler, as well as the source and scope of the information considered.  In this case, I turned to Slideshare and searched on “digital preservation.” Filtering by “this year,” yields the following, ranked in order.

  1. Digital Preservation and Social Media Outreach. Presentation given during the 17th Brazilian Conference of Archival Science in Rio de Janeiro, June 21 2012, by Bill LeFurgy.  Seems vain, I know, but see above.
  2. Digital Preservation Perspective. How far have we come, and what’s next? by Jeff Rothenberg from FuturePerfect. Insights from one of the people who originally framed the digital preservation issue.
  3. Digital Preservation: A Wicked Problem. AIIM Ottawa presentation by Ron Surette, DG Digital Preservation and CIO, Library and Archives Canada. Wicked: a problem that is difficult or impossible to solve because of incomplete,contradictory and changing requirements.
  4. Assessing Preservation Readiness Webinar. Presented on February 7, 2012 as part of the DuraSpace Curated Webinar Series, “Knowledge Futures: Digital Preservation Planning” Curated by Liz Bishoff, The Bishoff Group, LLC. Note this is a recording of the webinar and may load a bit slowly.
  5. Workshop 4 audiovisual digital preservation strategy. Now that you have digitised your audio and video, how to you keep the files — forever? by Richard Wright. Choices involved when moving from analog to digital, dealing with born digital and developing cost estimates.
  6. Getting the whole picture. From the National Library of Australia. Finding a common language between digital preservation and conservation.
  7. Bit Level Preservation. Assessing and Mitigating Bit-Level Threats, DigitalPreservation 2012, Washington, DC, from Dr. Micah Altman.  A framework for addressing bit-level preservation risks.
  8. In Search of Simplicity: Redesigning the Digital Bleek and Lloyd.  DESIDOC Journal of Library & Information Technology: Special Issue on Digital Preservation original submission. The Bleek and Lloyd is a collection of digitized historical artifacts on the Bushmen people of Southern Africa.
  9. Digital Preservation: caring for our data to foster knowledge discovery and dissemination. From Claudia Bauzer Medeiros. Given at Institute of Computing, UNICAMP.
  10. Digital Presevation: An Overview.  From Amit Kumar Shaw. Given at Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata Library, India.

The National Library of Australia deserves special consideration in that, in addition to coming in at number 6 in the top 10, they also scored at number 11, with Digital Preservation for Ongoing Access, and at number 12 with What is the Mediapedia.